Terms and Conditions

Welcome Guests!
We hope your stay in our home will meet all of your expectations! We try to provide every amenity possible to ensure your stay is very comfortable, and most importantly, memorable!

Please read the following carefully and feel free to ask about anything that you do not understand. This wording is to ensure there is a clear agreement between both parties.

By booking a reservation with us, you agree to the following language:

All of our Guests acknowledge this agreement is for transient occupancy only, and that there is no intention from either party (guests or management) to make this home a full-time residence or household.

Check-in time is any time after 4:00 p.m. Early check-in can sometimes be arranged based on availability, needs written manager approval, and will require a small fee.
Check-in instructions will be emailed to you in advance of your visit. If you did not receive these instructions or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact management!

Check-out time is any time before 11:00 AM on your departure date. Late check-out can sometimes be arranged based on availability, and will require manager approval and a small fee.
Please follow all check-out instructions. Your cleaning fee will take care of professional linen service, garbage removal, sanitizing, a living wage for housekeepers, and other details not mentioned in your check-out instructions.

Any tenants remaining after 11:00 AM without prior approval and fee payment may be subject to a $100 charge to the deposit.

There is absolutely no smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cannabis or eCigarettes (vaping) allowed anywhere on the property. This area is HIGHLY susceptible to fire and your understanding is greatly appreciated. If it is determined that smoking took place on the property, you will forfeit your entire deposit.

The home has a listed max number of occupants. If you wish to bring over the maximum amount, you will need management approval and will need to pay the additional guest fee. If you bring over the occupancy without prior approval, your entire deposit will be forfeited and you may be evicted at manager's discretion.

Rental Payments Due:
50% of the total is due at the time of booking.
60 days prior to your arrival, the other 50% will be billed to your card on file.
If your reservation start date is less than 60 days from the time of your booking, 100% is due at the time of booking.

• Full refund within 48hrs of booking
• Full refund less $100 administrative fee when cancelling 61 or more days prior to arrival
• No refund within 60 days of arrival

Travel insurance via Rental Guardian is made available at the time of your checkout. We STRONGLY suggest and encourage you to purchase trip insurance to protect your investment.

Force Majeure
The owner or their Management Company do not accept any liability whatsoever and no compensation or other payment will be made for loss, damage or injury caused by Force Majeure (e.g. war, strikes, adverse weather, disasters, earthquakes, terrorism, transportation or other events beyond the owner’s control).
No assignment can be made either before or during your rental to another party without prior management’s written approval. Doing so will not relieve you of full responsibility and liability for their actions.

Entry into home:
Per these Terms, you are giving us or our representative permission in advance to enter the premises for inspection or repairs. We will do our very best to obtain permission in advance and not interfere with your visit, but if something seems amiss (gushing water, smoke, loud noise) we reserve the rights to enter the premises at any time.

[email protected]

Love Yosemite! Property Management

By renting our home you are accepting the above conditions and approving all terms. This includes the described forfeiture of your deposit if reasons stated above have taken place. Should it be necessary for us take legal action to collect under this contract, you agree to using Madera and/or Mariposa County Courts with the prevailing party receiving payment for their legal costs and fees.

Your acceptance and agreement to this Rental Agreement and our house rules are required before you can rent our home.

We thank you for reading. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.